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What is Thatched Roof

Thatched roof is a natural roof made of dried Grass, therefore some people also call it Grass Roof or Alang Alang Roof in Indonesian Language. Thatched Roof originally came from Bali but many tropical countries now are also providing thatched roof adapting Balinese style.

Thatched Roof provides natural environment to your resident or resort area and makes you feel like you are in Bali.

Why Thatched Roof?

Because it looks good, it smells good and it feels good. It looks so Balinese although your thatched roof resident or resort is in other countries, it smells good as it made of natural dried grass, and it feels good as it absorbs the sun heat during the day and absorbs the cold during the night.

How Long Does Thatched Roof Going to Last?

Depending on the thatch roof that you choose, we have a thicker and thinner one, the thicker one is of course more expensive and last longest, around 10-15 years, and the thinner one will last for 5-7 years, after that it can be easily replaced. It will also be depending on the elevation of your building with thatched roof, the more sloping the roof the longer it will last.

We have been manufacturing Grass Roof to different countries in the past 16 years, such as Malaysia and Maldives for some resort projects, as well as for private residences locally and internationally, or just for gazebo by the pool and small restaurant.

Thatched roof or grass roof can be applied to any construction with roof, we offer the roof in panels and if you like we can send our people to install the grass roof panels for you no matter in which country is your project.

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